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LaCie data recovery

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LaCie has an extensive line of consumer products ranging from external hard drives to very small USB devices containing tiny hard disks--even LCD monitors. Their focus (and ours) is on innovative and dependable data storage products.

Although LaCie products are extremely well-made, like all storage devices, they have capacity to fail. When this occurs, ESS is proud to offer data recovery services for all LaCie storage devices.

LaCie's external hard drives come with many different features which can have a definite effect on how data recovery is performed. Some contain a standard single hard drive, but many products in LaCie’s catalog have several drives in a RAID configuration.

Lacie drive If you don't know whether your LaCie drive contains a RAID or a single drive, you should consult the documentation that came with your drive or research the specifications on LaCie's website. It is important to know which setup your storage device uses, since RAID recovery is usually a more difficult and expensive process than single hard disk recovery. However, ESS has a superb track record with RAID recoveries, and each of our locations has the full capacity to properly diagnose and recover any type of storage device.

LaCie also has a product line of "SAFE" hard drives that have security features such as a secure case and a biometric fingerprint mechanism. Their safest product even contains automatic AES 128-bit hardware encryption of all data. ESS Data Recovery laboratories has the ability to work through this high-tech security and perform recoveries on any of these hard drives.





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